Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Reading II - Update

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances I am going to have to move the reading numero deux to sometime next week. I've got loads of work to do this weekend and that, coupled with the fact that England are playing cricket, means I don't really have the time to put in an appearance. For those who emailed me saying they may come down I have emailed you back, sorry if I have missed out anyone but hopefully you will check this out before Sunday anyway. Have a good Friday and weekend everyone. Cheers.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

The Reading II (A Sequel)

I've had a fair few emails since my attempt at an undercover manuscript reading in Borders the other week. Some of which have been complimentary, some of which not so much. But anyway, I thought I'd do it again. This time though it won't be undercover. It'll be very much out in the open. So next Sunday at 12pm I'll be in Hyde Park with a few sheets of A4 and a few beers. Basically I'm having a picnic. So if you want a few drinks, a sandwich or two, a game of Flicket (cricket with a flipflop) and a story about a bloke tracing his friend's clone, then this is the event for you. There are five of us at the moment (although four of them think it is just a picnic) so if you want to join us email me at so I can get an idea of numbers and work out whether I need to bring a microphone. Cheers.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

'Excuse Me Sir'

So last night I waited breathlessly in the travel section of Borders, Oxford Street, in anticipation of what was ahead. At 7.00pm I began my first ever reading. Thankfully there were people there to listen. Six of them! And I only knew five! Thanks to Emily for dragging along her work colleague, Louise. Before I reached the end of the first paragraph a guy in a Borders t-shirt walked up to us and began telling me that what I was doing was in fact "not allowed without prior consent from the manager". I apologised, asked to speak to the manager, was told he/she wasn't in and so we left. 

We made our way to a bar on New Oxford Street where I started my reading again. This time I wasn't asked to leave and it went pretty well. I stuttered and stumbled a few times but after a few Peroni's that was to be expected.

So, because a few people probably thought this was a bit of a joke and I was just making a load of random people meet in the travel section of a bookshop, I am going to do it again. I'm not sure where or when yet but initial thoughts point to a park - maybe followed by a game of flicket (cricket with a flip-flop).

Thanks to the six who came last night. I would have felt very embarrassed doing a reading to no one.