Sunday, 13 July 2008

The Reading II (A Sequel)

I've had a fair few emails since my attempt at an undercover manuscript reading in Borders the other week. Some of which have been complimentary, some of which not so much. But anyway, I thought I'd do it again. This time though it won't be undercover. It'll be very much out in the open. So next Sunday at 12pm I'll be in Hyde Park with a few sheets of A4 and a few beers. Basically I'm having a picnic. So if you want a few drinks, a sandwich or two, a game of Flicket (cricket with a flipflop) and a story about a bloke tracing his friend's clone, then this is the event for you. There are five of us at the moment (although four of them think it is just a picnic) so if you want to join us email me at so I can get an idea of numbers and work out whether I need to bring a microphone. Cheers.