Tuesday, 1 April 2008

A Book?

Hello. It's been a while. If you have been waiting impatiently for me to return then I apologise. As it has been a while I thought that the next time I post I will have to tell my faithful readers something exciting. I bought some milk and got two for one on tea-bags this morning but that isn't really going to suffice is it?

Instead I am going to tell you something else. Something many of you may be pleased to hear. The idea for a book about my quest/adventure/obsession has been muted a few times, mostly from you guys. It was never something I really thought warranted a book to be honest. However, something happened the other week. Something that told me this whole thing had been worth it. Even more important that though, I learnt something very, very important. I realised something that I never ever thought I would. It was a genuinely amazing moment. Moments I only thought happened in films. As a result I have decided to write that book.

That, I think you will agree, was worth waiting for.