Friday, 13 February 2009


So we come to the end of another week in the world of 'The Man' hunting. Out of the 150-odd weeks I have been doing this, I have to say that this week is up there. Right up there in fact. Top ten. Possibly top five. It has been that good. 

Emails have flocked in from Brazil and the US and Canada and Oman (Okay there was just one from Oman). I have many new leads. Some maybe genuine, most I fear are not. Best email of the week was from a young lady in Scotland who told me she had been inspired to try and track down her father and sister. Most random email of the week was from some guy who wanted me to help him track down a dragonfly that appeared in his garden last summer. I don't have the time unfortunately.

I have just got back from meeting someone who spotted a mention of my quest in the UK paper The Metro. He has a lead regarding the guy in the passport photo down below. 

Talking about The Metro, I wasn't very happy about the way they portrayed my quest. They belittled it's importance beyond belief. Shameful.

Thanks to Izzy for explaining what Tumblr is. You can visit her blog here. It's worth the click of the mouse just to see a photo featuring the end of a rainbow. Or is it the start?